#5: Finalist Awards winners receive S$60 vouchers.


We made a mistake in our slides yesterday. The vouchers are worth S$60 only.

We are sorry for the mistake.

Created: 2017-08-30 09:00:29

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#4: SGCC2017 Prize Ceremony was held today!


This year's SGCC event has drawn to a close.

Congratulations to all Finalists!

See you next year!

P/S: If you are missing your thermal flask, then please email me at sgcc@nyp.edu.sg

Created: 2017-08-29 17:39:33

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#3: SGCC2017 Prize Ceremony will be held on 29th August 2017!


Location is Theatre for the Arts at Nanyang Polytechnic. Time is from 3pm to 4:30pm. Registration begins at 2pm.

Guest-of-Honour is Ms Denise Phua, Mayor of Central Singapore District.

Created: 2017-08-23 16:04:33

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#2: SGCC2017 Finals was concluded yesterday...


We will announce the results on 29th August 2017 at 3:30pm at the Prize Ceremony to be held at TFA, NYP.

The souvenir T-shirts and certificates of participation will be distributed then.

Details will be sent to Finalists teams via emails.

Created: 2017-07-27 17:21:47

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#1: SGCC2017 Finals Presentation Day!


We will be hosting the Finals Presentation today!

The Finalists' games are available in the game section now!

Do try them out!

Created: 2017-07-26 08:58:10

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